Dog show results

Autumn is here with its rainy days which means that the year will soon be over. Here is therefore a short summary of our dogs' show results during 2015.



Länsman is the one of our dogs that has been shown the most and he is right now leading the battle of both The Kuvasz of the Year 2015 and The SBHK-Veteran of the Year 2015. This is how his dog show year has looked:

  • 20150501 SBHK, Lidköping, Sweden. Judge: Annika Ulltviet-Moe, Sweden. Result: "CAC quality", Best male 2, BOB-veteran & BIS-veteran.
  • 20150523 SBHK, Karlstad, Sweden. Judge: Gunilla Skallman, Sweden. Result: "CAC quality", Best male 3, BOB-veteran & BIS-veteran.
  • 20150613 SvKK, Hökensås, Sweden. Judge: Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh, Hungary. Result: "CAC quality", Best male 4 & BOS-veteran.
  • 20150731 SBHK, Norje Boke, Sweden. Judge: Gunilla Skallman, Sweden. Result: "CAC quality", BOS, BOB-veteran & BIS 3-veteran.
  • 20150801 SBHK, Norje Boke, Sweden. Judge: Zoran Brancovic, Serbia. Result: "CAC quality",  Best male 2, BOB-veteran & BIS-veteran.
  • 20150905 SKK, Öland, Sweden. Judge: Boo Lundström. Sweden. Result: "CAC quality", BOB & BOB-veteran.
  • 20150919 SBHK, Åstorp, Sweden. Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway. Result: "CAC quality", Best male 2 & BOS-veteran.

BOB-veteran (Sorschies Szép Dalya) & BOS-veteran (Länsman) at the Kuvasz Special in 2015. Photo: SvKK.


Hermész has been showed once during 2015:

  • 20150801 SBHK, Norje Boke, Sweden. Judge: Zoran Brancovic, Serbia. Result: "CAC quality", Best male 1 & BOS.


Esso too has been shown once during 2015:

  • 20150613 SvKK, Hökensås, Sweden. Judge: Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh, Hungary. Result: Excellent.


Ariana Carlén

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