Yesterday we received some very sad information. Roica, Ecarpadi Égi Eroica, was put down at an age of just over four years old. Roica's owner writes as follows on Facebook:

Roica at full speed.

“The mountain queen has stepped down from her throne for forever: NO SE UCH NJV-12 NV-13 Ecarpadi Égi Eroica (2011.06.18 - 2015.11.02). [Her] severe hip and pelvis injuries finally caught up [with] her, and she started to show clear signs of pain.
This is my favorite picture of her [see picture above] - [I] think it shows her power, elegance, speed and lust for life. I also think it symbolizes her independence. intelligence and personal integrity - setting clear borders for what she accepted even from me.
The mountains of Øversjødalen will never be quite the same without her to add to their beauty.”

Roica's first snow.

Roica was born as the last puppy in her litter here at Kennel Ecarpadi. She was a weak puppy to start with who had to struggle hard to survive the first couple of days after the whelping.

Roica - Queen of the expanses.

When Roica was ready to move away from home she left the country (Sweden) and headed to Kennel Fjellflokken in Norway. There she lived, as can be seen, an active life with a lot of freedom in the Norwegian mountains.

Roica among the juniper bushes.

Roica scents wolverine.

Roica did very well in the dog show rings where she received both Swedish and Norwegian championships along with other titles.

Roica's last dog show, Åstorp, 2015-09-19. With her in the picture is Silvana and judge Leif Ragnar Hjorth.

Roica's hip score showed moderate hip dysplasia and an abnormal, scew pelvis. It was these factors that later led to her being put down.

Last picture of Roica.

We thank Bjørn Olav Andersen for the pictures.

Posted on November 3, 2015 and filed under The E-litter.