Docka shows off!

On Sunday Docka was at the unofficial dog show in Moheda, Sweden, which was arranged by the regional Labrador Retriever club called Labrador Småland.

The judge who judged group 1 and Best in Show (BIS) was Carina Andersson Rapp and the result was way beyond our expectations. Despite Docka only being ten months old and competing as a junior she first won Best of Breed (BOB), then Best in Group (BIG) and was finally placed as number three in the BIS competition.

Judge Carina Andersson Rapp, Silvana & Docka. Photo: Solveig Bergman.

Judge Carina Andersson Rapp, Silvana & Docka. Photo: Solveig Bergman.

To decipher judging critiques is not always the easiest thing to do but here is what Docka's seem to say (our translation):

Very appealing bitch. Excellent overall. Beautiful, well shaped head. Sufficient neck. Nice topline. Well developed chest. Sufficient angles for the age. Nice legs [and] paws. Good bone structure. Efficient movements. Nice coat. Well presented. Nice temperament.

Photo: Silvana Carlén

Dockas sister Bejke (Fjellflokkens Areia Bejke) also took part in the dog show and she too received a nice critique as well as an Honour Prize (HP).

Docka's sister Bejke with her handler. Photo: Solveig Bergman.

We thank Solveig Bergman for the pictures of Docka and Bejke.

Posted on April 26, 2016 and filed under Our Dogs.