Breeders meeting 9 July 2016

On Saturday 9th of July 2016 breeders and other members of the Swedish Kuvasz Club (SvKK) gathered at Hökensås' Camping in Tidaholm, Sweden, to hold a breeders meeting. At least four kennels participated where Silvana represented Kennel Ecarpadi. The breeders meeting was preceded by a ”working weekend” for SvKK's board and committees and the whole weekend was characterized by a jovial atmosphere, just as usual.


The breeders meeting had been announced for Sunday 10th of July but as everyone was already on site on Saturday evening it was decided that the meeting was going to take place then instead. Below follows a short recap of what was discussed during the breeders meeting.


Can dog bloat (gastric dilatation volvolus) be hereditary?

The meeting attendees believed that they had seen dog bloat occurring more frequently in some specific breeding lines. It was emphasized that environmental factors, such as the diet, also might be contributing to gastric dilatation volvolus.


Can moisture eczema be hereditary?

The meeting attendees put forward that moisture eczema probably is not hereditary but rather that it is linked to the individual and the environment. This was also said to be the case for allergies and other skin rashes. Nevertheless, the question was asked whether it would be wise to avoid mating two individuals with moisture eczema.


Should SvKK require that imported dogs which have completed health tests in their home countries also shall be tested in Sweden?

The meeting attendees thought that, in terms of hip dysplasia, it should be enough with an x-ray in the home country as long as the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) approves of it. Eye screening should always be done in Sweden. Whether or not DNA-testing for prcd-PRA should be a requirement was somewhat unclear.


Regarding imports, SvKK poses the question if they should be used to create new breeding lines or if they should be used to try to improve the breeding lines that already exist.

The meeting attendees thought that imports mainly should be used to improve the breeding lines that already exist as Sweden, along with Norway, has a very small Kuvasz population.


Should breeders be encouraged to contact SvKK's Breeding Committee before importing dogs? The purpose of this would be to try to create a breeding stock that is as wide as possible and to avoid that multiple breeders import dogs from the same litters or breeding lines.

The meeting attendees thought that it was a good idea to discuss planned imports with each other and it was also put forth that breeders should help each other with assessment of breeding lines in order to avoid that closely related dogs are being imported.


Should SvKK reinstate requirements of x-raying elbows in order to establish if the dog is free of elbow dysplasia (Ed)?

It was decided to postpone this discussion until a later date.


Posted on August 11, 2016 and filed under SvKK, The Swedish Kuvasz Club.