Off we go to Hungary

The world meeting for Kuvasz will take place in Hortobágy, Hungary, this weekend. About ten people will travel from Sweden and a couple of Norwegians will also be at the location.

The weekend is organized by the Hungarian Kuvasz Breed Care Association and it contains lectures, one dog show, one mentality test and excursions.

All foreign clubs get the opportunity to introduce themselves and it did fall on us at Kennel Ecarpadi, on behalf of the Swedish Kuvasz Club, to fix the presentation, where Ariana has made the presentation itself and where Silvana, who is the one out of the two of us that will be on site, has the job of presenting it. A PDF version of the presentation will be published here at Kennel Ecarpadi tomorrow, Saturday, and hopefully a lot of pictures that we can share will be taken by the Scandinavians who spend the weekend in Hungary.


More information (mainly in Hungarian):


The invitation and the daily schedules can be seen on the picture below.

Posted on August 12, 2016 and filed under Hungary, The Swedish Kuvasz Club.